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Maisons du Monde Hotel & Suites is an invitation to travel! Open the door to your room, escapism and well-being are all yours! 5 bedroom styles for all the styles of life! Vienne, Florence, Madras, Memphis and Saint-Martin. A 100% Maisons du Monde decor style that will indulge you! On top of this stylish and cosy atmosphere, you will find an extensive range of services so that it feels like home... but even better!
Please note that we have three of our rooms adapted for people with reduced mobility. 



As soon as you get in, the check-in is personalised and digitalised: at the hotel, our staff greet you and, with a simple click on a tablet, your cosy nest is all yours. In your room :  an espresso machine for savouring a delicious coffee, and room service for some delicious snacks… Special attention is paid to sustainable development to ensure you an environmentally-friendly night of sweet dreams.

  • Wifi
  • Kettle
  • Expresso machine
  • Chest
  • TV 43'
  • Bottle of water offered
  • Phone
  • Hair dryer
  • Room service
  • Air conditioning
  • Secure access
  • Small dog / cat welcome


  • 10 to 47 sqm

Discover your Vienne room

Behold a magnificient garden!

Let the enchanting, modernist decor of our Vienne rooms carry you away. You'll love its featured ceiling, reminiscent of magnificient gardens. A quee-size bed and designer bathroom with shower add the final touches to the look. Here, your are allowed to dream! 

*Available as a 10m2 Cosy Room, a 14m2 Confort Room, a 15m2 Deluxe Vue Ville Room, a 17m2 Deluxe Vieux-Port Room, a 45m2 Junior Suite and 47m2 Junior Suite Vue Terrasse.


  • 14 to 22 sqm

Discover your Florence room

Brush up on your classics

In our Florence rooms*, classic charm meets elegance. Admire the baroque print on the ceiling and let yourself be transported to a different era. A queen-size bed and sophisticated bathroom with shower complete the look. Here, you are allowed to travel!

*Available as a 14m2 Confort room, a 15m2 Deluxe Vue Ville, a 17m2 Deluxe Vieux-Port, a 21m2 and 22m2 3 and 4 persons family rooms.


  • 14 to 22 sqm

Discover your Madras room

Add colour to your life

In our Madras* rooms, a change of scene is guaranteed. Unwind in a setting inspired by far-flung places, where natural materials blend seamlessly with colourful prints. A queen-size bed and elegant bathroom with shower are right there with you. Here, you are allowed to escape!

*Available as 14m2 confort room, a 15m2 Deluxe Vue Ville, a 17m2 Deluxe Vieux-Port, and a 22m2 4 persons family room.


  • 10 to 22 sqm

Discover your Memphis room

Awake your inner pop star !

In our Memphis rooms*, the decor takes centre stage. The bold colours, graphic prints and asymmetrical shapes will enchant lovers of interior design. A queen-size bed and vivid bathroom with shower are also at the party. Here, you are allowed to have fun!

*Available as a 10m2 Cosy Room, a 14m2 Confort Room, a 17m2 Deluxe Vieux-Port Room, and a 21m2 and 22m2 3 and 4 persons Family Room.

Saint Martin

  • 10 to 17 sqm

Discover your Saint Martin room

Savour every moment of the stopover

Everything about our Saint Martin rooms says calm and relaxation. This space feels like the seaside with a twist — its natural hues, which seem to echo the rope ceiling, exude a sense of perfect calm. A queen-size bed and tranquil bathroom with shower fit the tone perfectly. Here, you are allowed to unwind!

*Available as a 10m2 Cosy Room, a 14m2 Confort Room, a 15m2 Deluxe Vue Ville Room and a 17m2 Deluxe Vieux-Port Room.

Family rooms

  • 21 to 22 sqm

Discover our family rooms

For your family tribes

Heading on a group trip? We have several spacious rooms that can accommodate up to 4 people. Discover the Memphis, Florence  or Madras rooms… choose the style that suits you the most. Here, there is a little of every style!

Our favourite rooms

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